Nena Sesic Fiser

NENA SESIC-FISER was born in Bjelovar, Croatia.
Painter by vocation (Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo), but also an artist of multidisciplinary interests: movie and video maker, art director, animator, dancer, theater stage designer, and singer of ethno-music.
Since 1993. she is living and working in Utrecht - the Netherlands.
By her primary vocation Nena is painter and visual artist, exhibiting her works in major cultural centers of Europe and abrod. Exhibition of paintings, video-installations and other visual works held in Utrecht, Amsterdam,Rotterdam, Den Haag, as well as in London, Paris, Kiew, and galleries in Italy, Germany, Australia and Canada.
Her interests in different forms of visual arts are complemented by her passionate love for diverse forms of music and dance. Nena is an accomplished dancer of Spanish Flamenco, as well as Balkan, Hungarian, Gipsy and Oriental traditional dances, frequently performing in various galleries and theaters alone or with dance groups.
Her voice and guitar are heard in a number of short and feature movies, as well as in her concert appearances where she introduced the music of other cultural traditions to the audience.  
This diversity of Nenas artistic activities incited the Dutch Television to produce several short documentary movies about her life and work.

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